Ode to an ill child


The fever started and my reason parted

I always fear the worst.


Likely just a virus, that would be desirous

But my mind imagines something absurd.


I check you for rashes and temperature flashes

And ask if the light hurts your eyes.


I sleep on your floor even though it’s a chore

I want to be here when you wake.


You’ll understand, when you hold a little hand

The love that I feel for you.


I’ll be your defender, I’ll never surrender,

I brought you into this world.


I will sleep near while you still want me here

Because one day this job will be done.


I hope when you’re older and I’m up to your shoulder

You’ll still let me be your mum.


I want to advise you and let no-one disguise you.

Always be true to yourself.


So get well soon and be immune

To whatever it is that you’ve caught.


We’ll go and play and enjoy every day

Because life is too precious to waste.


Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)


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