Never Forget

Your soft cheek on mine is divine.
The baby scent still there. Musty and sweet.
I breathe it in as I kiss your doughy cheek.
I must never forget.FullSizeRender (5)

Your little eager hand squeezes into my palm.
The inquiring fingers small and squashy.
You pull on my clothes to be lifted.
“Mummy, up. Mummy, cuggle.”
I must never forget.

I can make everything better.
Bump or falls cured with a rub and magic kiss.
“Better!” you exclaim.
Beaming, you slide back to the ground and patter off to play.
I must never forget.385093_10150583035893125_447009852_n

You’re waking less at night.
I am grateful but there is a pang of sadness,
I know it means you’re growing up.
Our nighttime cuddles will end.
Always remember that I will be here for you. Forever.
I hope you never forget.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2013)


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