Back to School


Shiny shoes, snack box,
Water bottles, black socks.
Name labels, PE kit,
Let’s try to remember it.

Alarm set, early night,
Avoid the usual sibling fight.
Toilet visits, one more kiss,
Does every child do this?

Next morning, not a peep,
It’s like they’re catching up on sleep.
Wake them up, make them eat,
While you find the luncheon meat.

Cheese will do, let’s get dressed,
One of them will protest.
Brush your teeth, I’ll plait your hair,
Being this organised is rare.

Grab your book bag, pencil case,
Pose for a photo by the fireplace.
Let’s go now and avoid the scramble,
We’ll actually catch the first day preamble.

You’ve lost a brand new shoe?
And you need a poo?
Well, I suppose this is nothing new.

Out the door, in the car,
But, of course, we don’t get far.
PE kit and recorder,
Left behind in our disorder.

Arrive at school, a little late,
Remember to be a good classmate.
Try your best, always be kind,
And I’ll go to work to unwind.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

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Vote Out Racism (Post-Brexit referendum)


They counted up the crosses

And the rift was laid bare

A chasm of endless losses

For all that was right and fair.


For many it was victory

While others were wracked with grief

Any triumph was contradictory

Because of the bigotry unleashed.


Betrayed by the elected

The lies went unchecked

Minds were infected

Treachery replaced respect.


A misplaced patriotism

By such a tiny few

Had clearly led to racism

And Britain had lost its glue. 


It must have been hiding

Ashamed in the dark

But when politicians began dividing

Prejudice began to spark.


So now we must stand united

And speak up for diversity

Because this country is blighted

By the worst perversity.


Every faith and background

Is always welcome here

It’s crucial now we resound

And make our message clear.


Please don’t go and leave us

We’ll all conquer this hate

We know it is worse than grievous

Together we’ll make it abate.


Whichever way you voted

Wherever you marked your cross

Let’s unite and stay devoted

Because love dwarfs capital loss.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)


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Birth of a Naturalist


No amount of scrubbing

Will clean these grubby nails.

These small hands keep scrabbling

At rocks, all kinds of shale.


Tiny digits seeking out

Any kind of critter.

Lifting up the stones to scout

Before they reconsider.



They scatter as light invades

Their community disturbed.

Futile efforts to barricade

Are nearly always curbed.


He deftly scoops the woodlice

As they start to flee.

Tweezer fingers so precise

When he wants them to be.


If he could handle a pencil

With such dexterity

There wouldn’t be the immense hill

He seeks for scholastic clarity.



If this could be his classroom

How happy he would be.

We count the flowers in bloom

And use chalk rocks for literacy.


Your gentle love of nature

And wonder at the earth

Makes you my personal teacher

And reminds me of all it’s worth.


FullSizeRender 9

So let’s explore the garden,

And play amongst the leaves,

Because as you grow, you’ll harden

To all a five-year-old perceives.


Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

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Tidy Up Time

The living room floor
Is covered in toys galore
I must tidy up this mess.

Don’t clear away Mum,
We’re having fun
We’ll put it away later.

Grandparents will be here soon
Why are your toys still strewn?
I suppose they’re family.

I’m starting to ignore
Then suddenly abhor
The state the house is in.

Please pick it up
I’m sick to the gut
Or I am doing it now.

I’ve stubbed my toe
No more saying no
We’ll tidy this together.

I love my floor
I won the war
And now they’ve gone to bed.
Glass of red.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2015)

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Slow Down

Slow down, it’s not too late

Leave the dishes, they can wait

He’s asking you if you want to play

Don’t say no and turn away.

FullSizeRender (1)

I must cook your tea now little one

I have to finish cleaning now I have begun.

He walks away, you carry on

He’ll soon stop asking, he’ll soon be grown.

FullSizeRender (4)

He pulls your trousers and says please play

But you’re trying to put his things away

I can’t right now, my precious one

Just wait a while and I will be done.FullSizeRender (2)

But later comes and it’s time for tea

Bath time next and bed you see

You must learn that he won’t stay 

This little for long and want you to play.

FullSizeRender (3)

Put down the saucepan and run outside

You can count while he tries to hide.

He’ll remember this and so will you

These precious moments are oh, so few.FullSizeRender

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2015)

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