The words I want to say to you 
Are here, inside.
They’re aching to be understood.
I don’t know how else to explain them
But to hold you tight in my arms.

If my heart is close to yours
We can let them talk for us.
So, will you just come closer
Wrap your arms around me
And let my body speak to yours.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

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New Year’s Promise

Although it’s just another day
And the ticking never ceases
The poignancy of 12am
Can make many go to pieces.

Taking stock of where you are
And what you want to be
Of everyone you’ve loved so far
While trying to be happy.

New starts don’t have to happen
At the changing of a year
But I’ll raise a glass for all of us
As midnight draws near.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

Happy New Year


As the clock goes bong
And you hear that song
Don’t look at what’s wrong
We will get along.

Don’t shed a tear
Instead let’s cheer
At another year
We will banish fear.

We won’t be divided
Try not to be misguided
Do what auld lang syne did
We will be united.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

Open Heart


My heart lives on my sleeve
I try to hide it away
But it seems to believe
It should be on display.

I told it to be discerning
To try and trust less
But it’s terrible at learning
And ends up in distress.

It feels the world around it
And other people’s pain
Ends up absorbing every bit
When I wish it would restrain.

But though I find this gruelling
And physically a drain
I know that it’s fuelling 
What makes us humane.

I will teach my offspring
To love with all their hearts
To grasp all that life can bring
Indulge, although it smarts.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

Time (Read it, then read it from the bottom up)

Time goes by too quickly

If you believe

You cannot

Enjoy the little things

You realise you

Get older

Can’t ever imagine you’ll

Last forever

You believe you must

Make the most of it


Feels like a month

Passing one day

Often think

You must


You must not

Find time to play



Making sure you are

Enjoying every second

For the moment

You live easily

To fill a day

For you

It seems like an age

Since you are a child

(Now read from the bottom up)

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)


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Think Again – Refugees


If you ever feel your tears

More significant than his.

If you ever believe your fears

Are more harrowing than his.

If you think her pain doesn’t cut as deep

Or her loss of a loved one

Is somehow incomplete.

Then you need to think again.

She may be in Aleppo and on the TV news

But try if you can, put yourself in her shoes.

Pregnant and trapped in a city destroyed,

She wanted to flee

But it was impossible to avoid.

An endless killing spree.

She had her baby prematurely

But somehow he survived

He was in his incubator securely

When an air strike arrived.

They targeted the hospital

With a brutal bomb campaign

And little lives so brittle

Were taken with such pain.

That baby’s right to live

Was just as true as yours

His mother’s love to give

Went beyond all wars.

If you ever feel your tears

More significant than his.

If you ever believe your fears

Are more harrowing than his.

If you think her pain doesn’t cut as deep

Or her loss of a loved one

Is somehow incomplete.

Then you need to think again.

He may be in Calais and in the news,

But try if you can, put yourself in his shoes.

Driven from his country by incessant war

His family already decimated

Couldn’t take any more.

A perilous journey horrendously ill-fated.

Though he clung to his mother like glue

He’d never forget the terror

As he lost her at a border queue

Alone since that day from a fateful error.

The despair would only worsen

Though he fought on alone

Treated hardly like a person

He made it to the Jungle on his own.

At only 16, no-one knows where he is

Although they took his name

And his mother saw it on the list

She was too late to claim him, gone in the abyss.

No matter what religion

Or the colour of our skin

No matter where you come from

Or the beliefs you have within

We deserve the same protection

Dignity and care

Compassion is more than a reflection

It’s the very heart of prayer.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)



Perfectionist, I love you
And all your exacting ways
But you need to cut yourself some slack
And listen to my praise.

I think that you’re amazing
At everything you do.
It’s time to forget perceived shortcomings
And give yourself your due.

Don’t ever feel defeated. 
Sometimes you may well fail.
Mistakes are part of learning
Other times you’ll prevail.

Don’t undersell your achievements
We can see how good you are.
Realise your potential
See you’re a shining star.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

Little Girls


Little girls, little girls,
Made from all things nice, we’re told.
Emotions often uncontrolled.
Pink and sparkly,
Often arty.

Sugar and spice,
Girls cost a price,
Meek and mild,
A well-behaved schoolchild.

Fairy tales and dress up,
Make believe and make up,
Ponytails and polkadots
Plays mummies with a dolly cot.

Maybe they are, maybe they’re not.
But if this all you see
Then you’re missing a lot.

Little girls, little girls, 
Confident and courageous,
Determination that’s contagious,
If self-belief is encouraged
You will always see them flourish.

Tender heart but robust
Someone you can always trust.
Logic when the world’s absurd.
Her sense of justice undeterred.

Intelligent, a top tree climber
Don’t ever let the world define her,
She can do it on her own,
With vision and grace to be shown.

Copyright  © Sophie Harrington (2016)

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